Krasimir Banchev         2020 

Orcadian Cultural Heritage Centre

Orcadians are well known for their cultural life and play a crucial role in preserving Scotland’s historical legacy. Home to many museums that look after a significant wealth of art collections and artefacts, Orkney is one of the places with the most people involved in arts and crafts professionally. Around 10% of the population is working full time in this industry and a further 25% do it as a hobby, which makes this ratio one of the highest in both UK and Scotland. More and more people are interested in local art and craft products, which gives the sector potential for development. Modern means of sale, advertisement and delivery can open a new channel of economy which would preserve the cultural identity of Orcadians along with popularising and spreading the charisma and charm of the local community.


The mission of the Orcadian Cultural heritage centre is to assist this branch of development

by providing the most needed spaces, facilities and tools for its development. Preserving dying crafts and supporting local artists and craftsmen are among the main goals of this project. Making accessible and practical spaces for artist and craftsmen allows them to continue to work locally and be inspired by the island’s natural beauty.


According to various studies more than 30 000 students graduate from an art related course every year, from which 1 in 15 would struggle to find employment in the sector and one third will pursue independent development. This gives Orkney the unique opportunity to seek to reinforce its existing good relations with various higher education schools, such as RGU and Heriot Watt university and to seek new links with some of the most influential school in Europe, located is Scotland, such as Glasgow School of art and The University of Edinburgh.