Introductory Project

The Life of a Room

This Introductory two week project pairs this coupling of the everyday and the exploration of architectural qualities. The project is based on a Poem by Fernando Pessoa ‘2 rooms, A Restaurant and an Office’. In the poem Pessoa observes the everyday life of a man through the rooms he frequents. With careful contemplation of this poem we managed to bring these rooms to life in the form of architectural models.


Our project was to create a video with the title ‘A Day in the Life of a room’. We split into two groups each group choosing a room to base our video on. We built larger scale models of the rooms imagined from last year, and created a script focusing on the title. Both the groups chose the same ‘apartment’ room from the previous models however approached the project differently.

Video 1 by Antony Cheung, Claire Milnes, Daniel Mattioli, Dobromir Georgiev, Krassimir Banchev, Robert Coutts and Sophie Macaulay

Video 2 by Ifechukwu Okwuosa, Kirsty Douglas, Meghan Rasmussen, Melissa Bell, Neil Macalister, Ross Munro and Shehan Heguragamage