Neil Macalister        2020       

Arctic Laboratory

The proposed masterplan for Orkney surrounds the Peedie Sea in Kirkwall, it aims to deliver high quality sustainable housing alongside a new headquarters fir the Arctic Assembly. In the current political climate, scientific evidence has an integral role to play in the development of climate legislation due to the current global warming crisis.


As such the proposed scheme focuses on an Arctic Laboratory , enabling further scientific study around the protection of the arctic ecosystem , thereby safe-guarding thousands of species and their environments’ delivery of this project will enable scientists to have a state of the art hu from which to collect their research, providing further employment  opportunities on the island .


To help preserve and further understand this fragile ecosystem the proposed scheme will mimic real life environments with both in research and archive tanks. These tanks will contain a living biological record of a system that is in critical decline and may disappear in generations to come.


The scheme will provide world class facilities, aiming to attract ground-breaking scientists from around the world. The scheme also delivers a series of publicly accessible spaces, providing an educational resource for children through to young adults. This will enable the local community to engage with science and encourage young locals to return to the island from higher education and work in a pioneering field. It is also expected that the centre will attract an influx of young working professionals whom will benefit from the local masterplan proposed.


Architecturally, the scheme echoes the environmental impact that the research will deliver. It utilises recycled stone from various derelict buildings across the island, minimising the carbon footprint of the scheme by reducing the need for imported materials.


The scheme aims to be a humane science and technology building, enabling the public to take ownership of the building when required without the need to feel ostracised from the environment. The scheme addresses the requirement for modern architecture to be multi-functional, delivering a space for both professional and the local community