Kirsty Douglas        2020 

Village Colour Study

Reflecting on my project which creates housing for our masterplan for Kirkwall, I wanted to explore how I can change the feeling of the spaces through the use of colour, and how I can create a sense of identity to the site.

I chose to explore colour as I felt l like it was an inexpensive way of creating change in the site and can achieve a big impact on the user. Looking at the visuals created last semester I wanted to test what impact is created on the site when using different colours. Thinking about how colour can be applied by looking at other designers using colour and also thinking about the theory behind colour.

Through this research and exploration set out to test a few elements of colour, such as colour and emotion, colour and light and the use of colour in architecture. I created a series of renders of my site to explore colour and what effects are created and reflect upon this to establish what is effective in giving the site a sense of identity for the residents.

Having undertaken the research and explorations into colour and architecture it was clear that colour could be used as an inexpensive way to transform architectural projects.

However as with any research there are still many factors that could be explored and researched. I initially created a diagram to map out possible ideas of exploration however due to technology and time constraints I was not able to carry out all of these. Some of these were also disregarded as they potentially wouldn't have shown any more than the explorations already undertaken.