Daniel Mattioli       2020       

The Beacon Sports Complex

The project revolves around the idea of creating a facility for the local people in Orkney which would incorporate a variety of multi-purpose areas, including courts for various sports, studio areas and classes.

The site is located on the new developing area of Stromness in the east side of the Amdavoe and will be easily connected to the centre of Stromness by the new bridge included in our masterplan. The location of the project is ideal to provide easy access to the water from the building itself and the parking areas adjacent. The project also benefits from being close to both the old town and the new residential development on the East side of the hAmdavoe.

The project will include a clubhouse which would become an important hub for sailing, rowing and kayaking where people can meet, learn and share their knowledge as well as store their equipment. The project will provide indoor and outdoor storage for boats, easy access to the water with related parking for cars and trailers. The gym is located on the lower floor with a view focused towards the water and the centre of Stromness, with changing rooms and studio spaces on the upper floor. The lower floor also accommodates a sports hall which can be used for different activities and is directly overlooked by the main hall on the upper floor. The circulation area overlooking the sports hall will also include a floor to ceiling glass wall with the opportunity to have retractable seating which would be pulled out from the lower floor and provide direct access from the upper towards the lower floor with glass doors that would open up in case of bigger events.