Dobrimir Georgiev      2020       

The Beacon Sports Complex

Surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, both offering wide variety of sea food have led the Orkney Islands to invest in the fishing sector. With a large fleet of fishing boats, frigates and trawlers summing in total of 128 in 2017 the islands have profited approximately 9 million pounds for that just for that year. Currently by law every sea vessel needs to pass two inspections every 5 years in order to have exploitation license. This check must be done on dry surface and while all the small ships/boats can just be pulled on the land anything considerably larger has to do it in a dry dock. At the moment the closest dry docks to Orkney are those in Fraserburgh and Aberdeen, forcing the fishermen and traders to waste expensive fuel on covering large such distances. 


My proposal is to create a dry dock hangar in Kirkwall boosting the fishing sector and reducing the CO2 emissions caused by the great travels every 5 years. The project will offer checks to small and medium classed ships (up to 35 meters, based on the composition of the existing fleet). Enclosing the hangar will offer protection from the high-speed winds creating a safe work environment. Attached to it will be a office complex which will hold the workshops required for such business, the offices, educational zone and a bistro.


There will be 3 different workshops in the complex - educational, repairs (which will work on the docked ship) and wielding, as the last one will craft spare parts for the local oil rigs and shipping them quickly.  While the 3 workshops share a common storage room and will constantly interact with each other the repairs and wielding needs to be air separated to prevent any lead ions contamination in either side. The educational zone will host lecture room and study units which will offer further development and specialisation to graduates in marine engineering. The offices zone consists of main office space, large foreman room where smaller units of workers can be briefed into tasks and a dock master room.