Antony Cheung          2020

Dance Studio on the Waterfront

The project aim is to design a dance studio, providing the waterfront with an educational function for the local community. We want to attempt to create a new sense of the belonging for the youth of Orkney helping the local community grow and sustain itself during the current era of greying, ageing populations throughout the UK. Currently Orkney is lacking in facilities which this learning centre could provide, offering courses for students who are keen on learning dance. The site, which is located on the junction of the bridge and the pedestrian, in front of the water, close to the main housing areas, is a highly accessible location. This is convenient for parents bringing their children to the school. The centre could also, ideally be another performance venue for the local art companies which suffer from lack of proper place for rehearsal. An advantage of the site is sitting alongside the waterfront granting the people inside the building easy access to the potentially scenic Peedie sea to enjoy the fresh air in good weather. A cafe would add to the vibrant hospitality present throughout the town of Kirkwall and provide a place of respite before or after activities within the main complex.