Shehan Heguragamage         2020 

Orcadian Food Lab & Production Facility

Orkneys waters are famous for its coastal resources such as fish farming and tidal energy. However, its vast amount of seaweed around its coast have yet to be utilised. Seaweed is something most people associate with the murky depths of British shorelines, tickling your legs while you paddle and generally looking a bit sinister rising up from the seabed. Perhaps its abundance and familiarity has caused many of us overlook its usefulness.


There is a plethora of uses for these species ranging from fertiliser for farming, and the creation of food products. Seaweed has a long history of feeding humanity, having been consumed for thousands of years. Orkneys sea’s bathes the seaweed in rich nutrients that, once processed, can supply a person’s skin with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamins. Further research would lead to properly honing this locally sourced materials to enhance industries such as food, skincare and farming.


My architectural proposal will consist of an Orcadian Food Lab focusing on seaweed around the coastal areas of Orkney. New innovative products will be created within the labs and then manufactured on production lines. From my proposal I hope to build on the current self-sufficient aspects of Orkney’s culture while trying to connect the residents to its coastal resources.