Ross Munro         2020 

The Peedie Sea Landscape

This project sought to develop the landscape of the masterplan produced in stage five, providing a link between the buildings created that surround the Peddie sea. This proposal suggests that this could be achieved by developing the space that links the two sides of the masterplan and addressing the water’s edge, which remained undeveloped. The design for this landscape intervention aimed to operate on several levels: to enhance the setting for the proposed buildings and the user experience for both visitors and residents of Kirkwall; to act as a barometer of the changes in sea level, acting as a reminder to the Arctic Council of its purpose; and to explore and demonstrate the nature and effects of water through a series of landscape interventions, to create an enjoyable and stimulating user experience.

The proposal attempts to achieve these aims by setting the datum of the land around the Peddie sea that comprises our masterplan at a datum of 4m above sea level and creating a system of winding paths that connect the proposed buildings. In the negative space between these paths, are terraced landscapes which step down to a series of seawater pools which will fill and overflow as the sea level rises.  Should the sea levels continue to rise, the landscape will gradually be consumed with the rising water, with each terrace acting as a measurement of the change. I addition I have implemented a series of interventions which demonstrate the nature of water through its relationship with light, as vapour, the process of evaporation and its ability to cultivate life.