Daniel Mattioli          2020          Stromness

Multi-Purpose Sports Centre

The thesis project saw me looking back at the work produced over my master’s period. I have always been interested in sports and lighting conditions both indoor and outdoor and how lighting is a very important factor for our well-being and productivity within the built environment.


The initial idea was to go back on the project from the first semester and work exclusively on the sport hall, studying the lighting conditions of the work I had produced and through a meticulous study of the ideal conditions for a sport hall, try to redesign the space accordingly to my findings.


I studied the different areas of the sport hall (roof, walls and floor) and the importance of each one of them to the lighting conditions of a space, in terms of surface reflectance for each part and what the ideal surface colour is for a sport hall.

The findings pointed out that the roof and its surface colour are the most important part of the sport hall for reflecting daylight around the whole area of the space.

Walls have also an important contribution to the reflectance of light around the space, which is why my new design kept the previous polycarbonate curtain wall which wraps around the sport hall and allows for plenty of light to be allowed into the hall.