The site for the masterplan, around the Peedie sea, has been left underdeveloped as the town has grown around it, leaving a large open and exposed body of water close to the town's centre. As a result, the urban fabric between the town centre and Peedie sea has been allowed to deteriorate and lose a relationship it had with the historic town centre The masterplan seeks to develop this area as a means of re-establishing the connection between the town centre and Peedie sea and provide the facilities that will aid in addressing the issues faced by the island

The intention for the proposal was to make the Kirkwall more easily walkable, with the aim of reducing the amount of traffic within the town and encouraging an overall more active population. To achieve this, the masterplan proposes the creation of two higher density zones, one on the town side of the Peedie sea and the other on the far side.


These two zones accommodate a range of building typologies, including housing, educational facilities and community buildings. The town side houses the larger institutional buildings and higher density housing developments. The opposite side provides land for developing into smaller-scale housing and businesses.


Both zones offer plenty of opportunity for pedestrian traffic, aiming to make use of building density to shelter those walking through the environment. Additionally, the masterplan proposes the creation of a small business park around the existing Ayre Mill, offering that opportunity for more industrial and larger business ventures to establish themselves and provide new jobs to the area.